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Future Wars
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Upcoming Science fiction Masterpiece Project

Follow our progress in making the Sci fi Spectacular FUTURE WARS!
Developing the Ultimate in HomeMade Crazy Entertainment!

Working title: FUTURE WARS a.k.a. Killed in Time
a.k.a. The Wild Adventures of Kirk Williams
a.k.a. Les Guerre des Futures
a.k.a. Kirk Williams vs. Great Martian God
a.k.a. Lowpitch Laserbomb Martian Terrors from Beyond

A Tale of Science Fiction inspired by True Events (cave-paintings found in the Sahara desert and in France), a brilliant Fifties Tales from the Crypt story and Rolf Ghos´ The Mysterios Two comics.
Both Story and Special Effects are never before seen in any Norwegian Production.

Project phase: Post- production/ Craze- phase/ Editing

Amazing Pre-production Teaserposter

Who's making it: The Crazy Men of HomeMade Productions. That means Fredrik Myklebust (story/directing), Roger Nybroen (in charge of a lot of stuff), Trond Bjørnstad(in charge of even more crazy stuff) and Einar Næss Jensen (in charge of the awesome digital effects). Thomas Bull will be brought in along the way (so far he plays one of the only Alien-freaks seriously injured in this movie).
Other contributors in various degrees are Espen Aukan (co-screenplay), Jon Nordvik (co-production and dry ice), Martin Gaustad (pizza, sound, craze and sleaze for moral support), Kristian Moe (director of photography) and costumes by Nina Blessitt/ Svanhild Dvergsdahl.
And last, but not least mechanical, maniac special effects by Gudmund Saksvik. (He also plays the essential part of Mac the Gatlingman.)

When: The Masks and Costumes and Weaponry are being made at this point. The Creature Workshop is on 24/7. The Storyline is ready, but the Screenplay and Storyboards are not yet finished. Test shooting for computer crazy effects are also executed. The movie will be shot during spring 2002. Rigging the Studio for cockpit- enviroment started May 19th 2002. It will be shot during May/June/July.

Who's in it: A hole bunch of good- looking actors and prominent non- actors. The main Characters name will be Kirk Williams, played by super-awesome actor Sven Veine. Talented actor Frode Eggen (a pretty tall guy)portrays the leader of the hardcore super-soldiers; Will Radisson.
Professional theater- actor Trond Ove Skrødahl is superb as the malevolent James Timberman.
As the gang of Resistance Men a clever mix of friends and foes will be used. They all die great on-screen deaths with grace and pride. Nothing in this movie is performed with the slightest hint of irony.
Not even the outstanding performance by Thomas Ryghaug (crazy actor pèr excellence) who's character One-Armed Joe is an instant classic. (-Oh, no... Not again..)

Plot Keywords:
Science Fiction
Time Travel
Evil Genius
Super Villain
Time/Space Continuum
Arch- Enemy
Space Battle
Cave Paintings
Ancient Evil
Green Gore
Absolute Badasses
World Domination
Laser Battle
Gatling Gun
Rocket Launcher

Inspiration: Swedish/Estonian "comicbook - auteur" Rolf Gohs' awesome 'The Mysterious 2'. 'The Mysterious 2' are eerie and often sci- fi related stories about two boys, Stefan and Sacho, who experience lots and lots of weird and fantastic situations. Beside 'The Mysterious 2' Gohs has made classics like 'The Man of Claa', 'The Bomb' and 'The Bird of Death'.
Everyone interested in great artwork, science fiction and mystery comics are advised to check out his work.

These are some scans of Gohs' excellent, excellent work from the beautiful and scary story 'The Fisheye'.
(Copyright (c) Rolf Gohs 1972/1978).
Classic examples of his unique visual style. It's really kind of cinematic.

Other inspirations obviously includes everything Luigi Cozzi (a.k.a. Lewis Coates) ever made and Sam Raimi's underrated classic DARKMAN

Crazy Mayhem Sci fi Factor: 10/10


(Some news are really, really old news actually)

Alien Head- shop in business. Four gruesome and spectacular Alien heads are being made, from a design originally found on cave- paintings in the Sahara Desert. Spooky stuff. (24. - 25.08.01)

The experts at HMP-ACW (HomeMade Productions Amazing Creature Workshop) come to the stunning conclusion that the basic structures of the amazing aliens skulls are getting dry. This means they'll be ready for spray- painting at any time. Everyone involved are excited as hell. (27.08.01)

The crew, minus Fredrik, took a trip to the beach of Hommelvik to do some test shooting for the Computer Effects Department. The shots involved various actions by both actors and camera movement to later add mysterious and attacking flying saucers. The results will be known perhaps during the weekend. Some shots of the Sonic Blaster Ray Gun being fired were also made. A train and a tall chimney was taped as well. Plus some of the involved singing "Leaving on a jetplane, don't know when I'll be back again". It was a night to remember. (28.08.01)

Simon says: Editing of the beach-concept-filming is finished. The upcoming weekend will be spent experimenting with the edited material and SFX in After Effects and Lightwave. Beware!

Beware! Beware! These four are basically the main contributors in the making of FUTURE WARS.
(Pic taken while the group considers the possibility of having irony whilst watching Simpson/Bruckheimer productions...)

One of the monstrous prototype Masks were finished, and nearly scared one of the main actors to death. The Alien Creatures' Laser Eye would even make the Borg look cute. (31.08.01)

Some obscure Sci- fi related Alien Interior Effects were located in a spooky basement warehouse. A lot of Objects to be used in the Movie FUTURE WARS were found.

More tests preparing the Alien suits were done at HMP ACW(HomeMade Productions Amazing Creature Workshop). There are still some unsolved mysteries concerning the Alien Mutant Freaks' necks and claws. Fredrik tried on the temporary mask and costume and it looks crazy. The Aliens have smooth heads just to make that point clear. Which means they are both Crazy and Frightening. Also: an abandoned cemetary of some sort has been spotted and some vital scenes will most likely be shot at this location. On a dark and foggy night in the near future. Some say this movie is already at this point a Norwegian Sci fi Classic. And we agree.

It's happened! The Day the 1. draft Script was Completed. It's Action- and Crazy- packed like you wouldn't believe, and has some Twilight Zone- like twists and turns. A delightful product of Craze. An Awesome Triumph in the Name of Antifo. A true product of the massive Creative Force that is HomeMade Productions. The Big Question now is on who'll play the leading part as Kirk Williams; Scientist, Time Traveler and Psycho-maniac? One thing is for certain: FUTURE WARS will be Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.... or Nightmares. Be afraid. Very afraid.

Todays big topic is the following: (and it is a crucial one!!)
Will the line "- Our work here is done!" be featured in the finished movie???
And if said in the movie - who'll be the one to say it? Kirk Williams himself? One of the crazy freaks??

Some say the line "- Our work here is done!" will not fit into the script at this point. Simply because there are no situations appropriate for the line to be said. We're all very, very sorry. But things could change though. Stay Tuned for More Crazymovie News.

An Amazing Teaserposter might appear online within next week. And perhaps some Space Ship Blueprint Designs. Prepare to be impressed, Ladies and Gentlemen.

The very serious Makers of the movie had a kind of serious meeting this Evening. There was abusing of both coffee, cigarettes and beer.
The topics that were discussed included: Who is to star in FUTURE WARS, the look of the Spacefighters/Spaceships, the possibilities of bringing aboard a semi- professional Mask- maker, and some minor changes in the Storyline, and when to shoot what. The nature of the Capitalist Sleazy Man known as James Timberman in the movie was also developed further, and some discussions on the style of the background during the Opening Credits. Some of the involved had wishes for a romantic- subplot in the storyline. We'll get back to this later. A second draft of the script will appear in the near Future.
Blue Screen Tests will be shot this weekend, and everyone who happens to be a fan of real Lowbudget Movie- Magic should have good times ahead of them.

It's happened! They finally made it! Calamity has struck on HMP ACW(HomeMade Productions Amazing Creature Workshop)!! What Sinister Secret lies Beneath the fact that we've run out of Black Spraypaint??

The Blue Screen Tests were not performed during the weekend - because there was no camera available. The Filmmakers instead used the days to view a shitload of movies, go to a Motorpsycho- consert, a Skateboard Tournament and Dolly Dimples. The Crazy men also hang out at an extremely intellectual outdoors cafe. The weather was nice.
Blue Screen is to come...soon. Soon!

Teaser Poster is Online!!!

Blue Screen test were done today, and you can check them out at our SFX page. Two different test scenes were shot; a Kirk Williams-stand-in gazing onto (what will later be added) a city in ruins, and another K.W.-stand-in being sucked into some sort of a Black Hole.
The results are fair enough, but not too great. Because of this our Computer Wiz Einar has come to the conclusion that using a Green Screen will work a billion times better. And we choose to trust the man.

Fredrik has spoken to the somewhat professional Make-up artist and he could be joining the project. We all hope he does, because he makes Mean Masks and other cool stuff.

The Writer/Director/Effectmaker, and two of the Co-Producers/Co-Writers/Actors/Effectsmen spent this lovely Sunday afternoon at a Totally insane and cheap Video-sale. Some of the movies that were bought include: Repo Man, John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China, Return of the Living Dead, Warlock, The Godfather Trilogy, John Carpenter's Escape from New York, Operation Solar Crisis, The Stepford Wives, Polanski's Cul-de-sac, Twilight Zone-The Movie, Britannia Hospital, O Lucky Man, Near Dark, Space Raiders, Lord of the Flies, The Philadelphia Experiment, Hitchcock's The Birds, Day of the Triffids, Killer Clowns from Outer Space, Von Trier's The Kingdom, Demon Seed, The Amityville Horror, Romero's Knightriders and Tarkovsky's Stalker. How is that for Big Time Variety?

An extremely gifted actor who goes by the name of Sven Veine is cast in the role as crazy badass Kirk Williams. That is good news. He's been wanted for the part.
The upcoming week is an exiting one for the futher development of the movie FUTURE WARS. This has to do with the financial backing the project. Will the budget be ultra-ultra low or medium acceptably low. We'll find out within a couple of days.
Every fan of the comicbooks Tales from the Crypt and the Swedish Stefan and Sacho are advised to keep their fingers crossed for a few days.
To support Your Dear Friends at Legendary HomeMade Productions.

For your viewing pleasure we are proud to present a passage from the 1st draft of the FUTURE WARS screenplay, just to give our countless fans a little taste of what is to come in the Future.
Allright, then:


The Fluxuation Material must have worked and I've been sent into the Future! But if this is my grave, how can I be here?
The Flux Material must have transformed the atoms of my body during the timeleap, so that I, Kirk Williams, exist both in the past and the future. Amazing.
So this is how it all ends - in a deserted, badly maintained cemetary. There is no time to wonder about this now, I've got to find survivors. Humans. Maybe they've got some answers to my countless questions?

(Williams moves up ahead, in the horizon he sees a mountain, and above it some small object far away seem to be coming closer to him in some kind of a formation. As they come ever closer he can see what they truly are.)


My God in heaven, those are vehicles from another world! And they are coming straight for me!

(A scruffy-looking man in an army shirt lies nearby hidden in the treeline. He observes it all. Behind him are more sinister-looking army guys.)

Army man1:

Psst! Hey you, get over here...quickly!!

(Williams runs towards the man, and throws himself down beside him.
The massive Spaceships roams above them. Some people come running for the treeline , but they are ruthlessly being chopped down by a powerful red Laser Ray coming out of one of the Spaceships.
They scream in pain for a few seconds. What's left of these guys is nothing but ashes.)

Army man1:

If They see you - They kill you.


Who are they? Who's controlling these awesome Spacecrafts? Who's capable of such an extreme tecnology? Who?

Army man1:

They are Creatures from a distant Planet, and They've come to destroy our Planet.


What are you saying, how....h-how did this happen?

Army man1:

What do you mean, Stranger? You just wake up from decades of hibernation or something??


Well, eh...

That's all for now. There will be further insane developments next week. Perhaps even pictures of the Hideous Alien Creatures and some of the weaponry that's been produced. Look forward to it.

Rumor has it that the cryptic and somewhat meaningless line "LOOK AT THIS.....CLOSELY!" will be the movies' tagline. If this is for real the promotion-man-in-charge is a raving lunatic. (Which is juuust fiiine.) We'll let you know when we know.
The financial backing of the project is still not settled. Some answers to this should be known within next week. Say a little prayer.

Ok, listen up, everybody!
The film-project that is FUTURE WARS (THE MOTION PICTURE) has been approved by the financial supporters, which means that THE FILM WILL DEFINETLY BE MADE! Everyone involved is really happy and satisfied. The budget will be kept a secret for now, let's just say it is enough to make quite the insane, little film we set out to make.
The Script, however, was advised to be worked on a little more. Perhaps this means it will be re-written to even further heights of absurd sci fi spectacle!!

The weekend will be spent making war not love, as some of the HomeMade Good, Old Boys are playing Paintball in the Woods. Which is great and action-packed fun. Just the way we like it.

Due to extreme running-through-forest-and-acting-like-complete-warlords-of-atlantis-shooting-and-John-Wayne-type-maniac-behavior, the HomeMade guys are crippled today.
They are (to say the least) Fubar. Which means not too much will happen today. They can barely walk stairs - how do you suppose they can make sci- fi action- adventure??

Okay, it's about time for some serious information regarding the background story for the movie FUTURE WARS. Some sixty years ago scientists found these cave- paintings in an ancient cave in the Sahara desert. It was estimated that the images of the Unearthly Creatures were carved into the stone 10 000 years ago.

Look closely at them. There is no question about it: The caveman who made them had apparently been in touch with extra terrestrials! Isn't that something? Is that movie-magic-craze material or what?
This really happened. Very scary stuff.

A lot of events have occurred during the last couple of days. Lets take a closer look:
On Thursday there was a serious meeting at the good old, low key, intellectual coffe- house. The cockpit layout and design was discussed and developed further, and thoughts and ideas on the Alien suits were put down on paper. All of it is gonna look so awesome and fantasy-like.
(Forget the high-budget crap- style of terrible films like Supernova; a film without good acting, good story and no characters you remotely care about. A total waste of space and money.)
On Saturday the whole crazy-crew took a trip to view the materials that's needed for making the cockpit interior. (Walls, lights, paint, instruments, etc.) It's possibly becoming cheaper (not meant in a tacky way) than we thought. There was also being discovered hoses and stuff that might come in handy when gruesome splatter- effects is to be made. (He He He!) Messy things that go flying in the night, if you know what we talk about.
On the same day a lot of time was spent playing old Arcade Classics on Playstation.

A guy called Espen Aukan has been working on a second draft of the FUTURE WARS script for some time, and parts of it was returned today. It was really funny and bizarre, and the Talented Mr Aukan has introduced a new character - the secretary of Timberman, known as Ms. Franck.
The Character of James Timerman is developing in disturbing and homocidal terms, and that is as we like it.
Goddamn, this is gonna be a cool and weird movie. Don't you doubt that for a second.

Early Storyboard- sketch for Mr Williams in the cockpit of the Alien Spaceship.

Okay, freaks. In the development of a masterpiece of sci fi craze we're proud to show you more of the early productions- sketches for Alien cockpit and Earth Resistance Headgear. Feel free to comment on them.
More will happen tomorrow.

The cockpit that Kirk will use to fly and kill, kill, kill.

Earth men wearing funny little hats to keep them from having their brains blown out by Alien Monster Freaks from Outer Space.

More atrocoties will be added today, hopefully very soon. Production- design- sketches of various ugly and downright horrifying characters from FUTURE WARS. Keep watching.
There will be a meeting this evening on the subjects of masks and design. You'll all know what came out of it if you tune in tomorrow.

The development moves forward and in many different directions. The second draft of the script is now complete with many disturbing and weird twists and turns. All of it is great, but some of it needs to be edited. A new opening scene (which is cool) and some new characters has been added, and lots of insane intigues near the end.
Some keywords are: Watertank, Astro-Cyber-Zombie-Techno-Freak, Skull, Living Decapitated Head and Robot.
(We'll let you figure out how they add up or fit together.)
Also: mask- making and Alien Design has been taken to the next level. And there will, within this week, be done Blue Screen Test-shooting with pre-Alien Heads and a Laser Gun.

Oh, we forgot to tell you yesterday: the line - My work here is done has finally made it to the script! Thank God.

Three non- professional, non- detailed Alien-Head-Masks are completed and ready for Test- shooting. These Masks will also be featured in the movie, but not in close ups.

Some Pre-Production Artwork of different freakish charcters in FUTURE WARS:

The unfortunate but necessary trimming of the second script is almost complete, and there are, naturally, some major changes. Perhaps already tomorrow the final and definitive version of the script is ready.
And then it's on to building sets, getting the masks/mechanical effects and starting to shoot the damned thing!!

A great deal of blue-screen-test-shooting was done Sunday afternoon. The blue-screen was a bit small, so the alien-freak-character didn't have a lot of moving- ability, which kinda Sucked Big Time.
The freak looked great though, and when keying and mattework was added the result was neat. There were very little visible lines between the alien-freakazoid-from-outer-space and its *somewhat weird* background.
Since the blue-screen was small, we also tried what we thought were a rather underrated method of white-screen-background.
This turned out to be a Scandalous, Horrible thing to do!!
We hearby advice everyone making low-budget-sci-fi-mondo-craze ever to fall into this sinister trap.
The scene featured Kirk Williams attacking an Alien. The Alien, with its Razor- Sharp Extra Terrestrial sensories easily blasts Williams with its powerful Lasergun.
Or so we thought.
When keying in the background, however, both Williams and the Beast from the Haunted Cave turned into Semi-Invisible Phantom Images with the background shining right through their bodies, etc. And please understand: this was not intentionally.
The moral is as follows: blue- screen is the King of Screens, and White- screen is great if you wanna make Special effects that makes people loose their sanity. (And lack of faith in you as a serious sci-fi- filmmaker!!)

The Production is finally back on track. Serious production- plans have been mede and the budget is being negotiated at this point. The Green- screen decition has also been made, and the building of the Cockpit will start shortly. Pictures of this will soon be added.
Say the line "...we just survived the most Dangerous weapon in the Universe" out loud if you think it's a shame that lot of people (camera, sound, carpenter, etc.) has joined the winning team. This means you people out there who's been worrying over the productions somewhat slow- moving for the last month, had better ignore Akton (of the immortal STARCRASH) yelling "EJECT....EJECT!".
Well, anyway...

Today we are very proud to tell you that a lot of crazy filming will occur in this building.

This Gigantic Gothic Mansion located on the area of the University of Trondheim (NTNU) will truly be used as TIMBERMAN ACME AND ELECTRONICS INC. in upcoming sci fi project FUTURE WARS.
And you will be amazed by the extreme horrors that will take place within these ancient and sinister walls.Yes, this picture was bizarrely, moronicly oversized.
Hope you enjoyed watching the big bastard jpeg- picture freak of nature.

Yeah, we're making THE most badass Cockpit ever to be seen in an Scandinavian movie. Be advised - this is in fact no shit.
To quote George Lucas and his producer, Rick (or what's his name): - It's gonna be great.....awesome....
Photos of the Might Masterwork of Sci Fi Craftsmanship might appear in a couple of days. Right here on this website.
Pass that message along to a friend or relative.....

These days Einar is making CGI- effects that defies every taboo and drives normal people insane with jealousy and greed. His work is from the beyond.
Is he in contact with eerie dark forces of the netherworld whilst constructing these haunting images of doom and craze?? We think so.
And because of it we all love him. This man was born with a mutated harddisk for a brain.

Oh, great...This was just what we needed at this point! Some distasteful swine has published a photo of a (up to this point) secret character of the film. Damn you, damn you all to Hell....

WHO COULD IT BE...?, asks the dude (who calls himself "Darth Valenga") who posted this highly unauthorized photo. Idiot!

Remember the helmet- designs that was presented som months back. Well, now they've started to come to life thanks to our make- up man/mask- maker/associate props- builder Gudmund. Check 'em out.

Alien claw- like hands were also being made last night, and it's all starting to look pretty damned impressive. More will be added shortly.

Production has started! Production is on its way! Future Wars is being shot! Some shots will appear on these pages in a short while. Additional technical effects and props are still being made, but it sure is great finally getting it on.

Whilst most of Trondheim stood still due to a semi-royal wedding the HomeMade crew made Filmatic Sci Fi Comicbook Craze that is Beyond Compare. Some of the involved has been laughing ever since, thinking of the Uncanny SuperVillany that was captured on film. These scenes filmed on friday afternoon and night takes this movie to a new level of unbelievable nerveshattering over-the-edge über- craze. Rigging Williams' laboratory starts monday afternoon, the deal of the location just came through minutes ago. Stay tuned.

Finished shooting and cleaning up the basement of Kirk Williams' spooky laboratory set at 1800 last night. The work performed from monday night to thursday afternoon is really impressive; the acting, the sets, the camerawork, the special effects, the mood amongst the crew-members (extremely good), the lightning and all the rest. FANTASTIC WORK, guys. If we keep up this way there's no stopping us - KIRK WILLIAMS RULES! Coming up is additional bluescreen scenes, a giant battle sequence, Williams vs. Timberman, and some digital effects work. Allrighty then.

Well, well, well... What can we say? The movie FUTURE WARS is shot. At least all of the primary photography - some inserts (mostly of gory gore and crazy craze!) will be shot during a few weeks.
It´s all been great and the shots and sequences are looking fine. There´s sure gonna be a formidable amount of Unbelievable Special Effects, Action-packed action with lots and lots of Crazy-Action and some scenes of Doom, Carnage and Destruction. Especially of Doom. And Mayhem. And Action.
The Great thing about it all is that it´s comicbook- styled and not too harmful for obsessive or Mega- Crazed people. Please bear this in mind whilst reading of the psychotic mega-effects and stuff. We do not embrace meaningless movie- violence.
Editing FUTURE WARS is currently in the process and we´ll try to cook up some sort of a trailer for our movie within not so long. Prepare for this - ITS GONNA BE COOL. Digital Effects are on their way also and we plan to finish this gigantic project during the summer of 2002.

Editing is in progress: 9.5 hours of pure action footage will be trimmed down to fit nicely into a half hour superflick.
Some behind-the-scenes stuff for the dvd- release is also being cut, and it´s seems to turn out really hilarious. (- What the Hell... Where´s this rotten Hot Dog water coming from???) Look out for some serious shitload of craze. I figure most of these clips of High Sleaze and Pure Bollocks will shortly be available on-line. Further updates on the progress of the low pitch-oriented editors will follow soon.
The Battle scenes is edited first it seems. It could be added that the editors are extremely happy today because they had the pleasure of seeing Sam Raimi´s SPIDER-MAN on the big screen last night.
Yes- some of the HomeMade associates are comicbook- freaks. Have a happy sunday afternoon.

YEAH! The editing is finally paying off. The scenes of REAL FUTURE WAR ACTUALLY BEING EXECUTED are cut, and prove that our two week shoot deep in the woods have not been wasted.
Looking spectacular in all their thrill-packed glory. This is truly the way to make a dystopian comicbook sci-fi flick.
HomeMade - Everybody else making films based on boring short stories
100 000 - 0
We rule! You suck toiletpaper big time.

In the vein of what was written earlier - imagine how people like these would consider our work on FUTURE WARS.
Check it out, its really funny. Its like serious people keeping score of immorality and craze in Hollywood films. One of their greatest is the rewiew of the South Park- movie.

GREAT NEWS! THE ACTION FIGURES (SERIES 1)OF FUTURE WARS ARE ON SALE ON LINE! You'll be amazed by these highly detailed latex figures, hand painted and each comes with special collectors cards which reveals obscure information on the production.
The price is 39.95$ pr. item. Mail us if you wanna order.
The editing is progressing in absurd directions, but we'll soon be back on track.

Report for July 21st 2002: On Planet Earth the Craze was on.
The Team of HomeMade-gangsters feat. Fredrik, Trond, Roger and Thomas spent the entire day at Savalen making three kinds of exclusive and sensational shots for FUTURE WARS:
*Shots from inside the Cockpit on its crashcourse to the ground. Very dramatic, oh, yes, oh, yes.
*Shots of a scary (GREAT MARTIAN GOD) Alien fullsize model being put out on a field being shot from the top of a (not so) small mountain. Cool stuff.
*Shooting the blowing-up of the Alien's head. Not a total success, as we did not have enough firepower, but all in all not a failure either.
I'm sure we can make some use of these shots.

Returning to the location of CABIN FEVER, SLACKERS VS NIGHT DEMONS and PARANOIA EXPRESS was great. More movies should be shot at this location, it has an enormous potential.
And last, but not least: THE GREAT MARTIAN GOD LIVES!

Well, well, now. Where were we? What is new? A month has passed and it's been a lot of things going on. Amongst these are:
*Insane, totally and utterly fantastic effects for Future Wars are being made by Einar. The first half of the movie is soon completed. And as usual: IT'S GONNA BE GREAT...AWESOME(says the obscene and decadent spirit of "sci fi- auteur" Rick McCallum).
*Fredrik has been editing, editing, dubbing, editing and sound-editing the whole summer through. And the movie is taking shape as a comicbook-science fiction-timetravel-mini-epic.
*A trailer for FUTURE WARS is hopefully soon to be seen. With some more visual effects being completed this should be made within few weeks.
*A disturbing mattepainting of the city in ruins has been made by Roger drawing on his knowledge of films such as BENEATH THE PLANET OF THE APES, ARMAGEDDON, WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE, etc, etc.

The film is somewhat completed. Music, sounds and more special effects, however, are not yet complete.
At this point FUTURE WARS is a very, very promising work of art. HomeMade Style!

THE FUTURE WARS SPECIAL EDITION DVD IS BEING MADE. NO SHIT. Allright; so the film itself isn't completely done yet (but soon it will be, within a month or two of effects and sound editing), but still.
We promise at this point that the dvd will be both fantastic, awesome and great. It will contain Bonus Material that's sure to make your big mouth fill up with gallons of water. More info on this shortly (the dvd). Prepare to see it in the not so distant future (the dvd).
(And for those concerned: It will be dubbed into both German and Swedish!)

Yep, the FUTURE WARS SPECIAL EDITION DVD will be dubbed in both German and Swedish, and have superbly written English subtitles. But what's more important at the moment:
Fredrik, the writer/director of FUTURE WARS broke his hand on saturday night/sunday morning.
How it happened: Sleepwalking(!!) and falling 2 meters down, almost landing on the newly purchased BACK TO THE FUTURE DVD BOX!! He could have died or split his head open... we're glad he didn't. He might also have landed on either DAREDEVIL comicbooks or other precious dvd - but the floor seemed to break most of the fall.
Because of this the production is somewhat halted. At least for a few weeks.

In the months of november and december 2002 the editing, sound- editing and making of digital effects continued... Things improved, the film took shape and the dvd bonusmaterial was worked on.
Some days the people involved took time off to see movies such as WARLORDS OF ATLANTIS, LASERBLAST and STAR TREK V.

Early 2003 saw the digital effects taken to a whole new level, and the fun continues...

Don't forget: