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Slackers vs Night Demons (1996)

Tagline: They expected a quiet weekend in the country

- The city is a place were people are murdered.... molested and ripped to pieces! Thank God we're away for the weekend.

One hundered years earlier.... a lonely and curious peasant is killed by demented forest-freaks!

It's happening again!!!

Turning the vacationers into blood-drinking flesheaters.... how disturbing!

You cannot escape them!!

They are everywhere!

Even using the toilet!

- Dear God, it's the boogeyman!! It's happening...

It actually is.

- I'm to sleepy to even care...

- Wait a minute.... what was that noise??

- Oh, crap...

- We're the only ones left.... This sucks, this has to be the worst holiday ever!!
- No argument from me....

- Oh, you zombiefied bastards.... You really scared me!

- You got to be kidding me...

Who will survive and what...?

Now there's only one man left...

...and he is no John Rambo.

He's got every reason to fear for his life.

- I am not afraid of you!!!

HomeMade Productions 19(c)96