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The Curse Trilogy (2000 - 2001)

Shorts made during the summer of 2000 and 2001.

Curse of the Cannibal Dog

Tagline: None can survive it's killer bite

- There's a legend that tells of this evil dog haunting the area...

Inside this house lurks the beast...

- Aaarghh!! It's the "keeper of the dog"!!!

Run, man! Run!

The "dog".

The demonic "dogkeeper".

Curse of the Happy Monsters

Tagline: Some Monsters are sad and depressed...

Our car has failed us in the middle of nowhere.... we will die for sure... Why? I do not know.

One of the monsters attacking!

That is not good. I repeat: Not good.

- I hit him! What do I do now??? Oh, dear....

These Monsters are scary....

...and deadly.

But most of all; they are happy!

Happy Monsters!!

- Let's go for a walk. (These Happy Monsters are some pretty smooth guys...)

And they are excellent car repair monsters ...the crazy freaks!

Forces of Happy Evil!

THE END! (But they may just return in the near Future...)

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