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Previous Weekly Dedications

These are the HomeMade Productions amazing weekly dedications from the year 2001.
Some are people, movies, video- games, rock albums, comicbooks or organizations we love and admire, others are pure crap, that for some reason has attracted our attention.

Week of Jan. 1. - 7.
The People under the Stairs

Week of Jan. 8. - 15.
The Manchurian Candidate

Week of Jan. 16. - 23.
Charlie Watts

Week of Jan. 24. - 31.
First Men in the Moon

Week of Feb. 1. - 7.
Ghostbusters II

Week of Feb. 8. - 15.
Meet the Feebles

Week of Feb. 16. - 23.
Bobby Peru

Week of Feb. 24. - Mar. 2.
Robert Vaughn

Week of Mar. 03. - 10.
Marjoe Gortner

Week of Mar. 11. - 18.
King Vidor

Week of Mar. 19. - 26.

Week of Mar. 27. - Apr. 3.
Ted Raimi

Week of Apr. 4. - 11.
Ben Grimm

Week of Apr. 12. - 19.
Kurt Russell

Week of Apr. 20. - 27.
Crazy Films of '79:
(And their somewhat insane a.k.a.- titles!)

Monster (Kenneth Hartford, 1979)
A.k.a. It Came from the Lake (Straight title, in so many ways a better name for a (monster)movie than 'Monster'.)
Monster - The Legend That Became a Terror (Great title, howcome they didn't use this??)
Monstroid (Again a smashing good title, I assume there were a lot of cool guys involved in this production...)
Toxic Monster (Less inspired title, sadly.)

Starcrash (Luigi Cozzi, 1979)
A.k.a. The Adventures of Stella Star
Female Space Invaders
Scontri stellari oltre la terza dimensione (Nice Italian title - la terza dimensione has a diabolical ring to it - just as Marjoe Gortners acting throughout the movie itself.)
Stella Star (Pointless title for audiences who cannot tell that Caroline Munroe is the SuperSexy SpaceWoman Supreme.)

Alien (Ridley Scott, 1979)
A.k.a. Star Beast (Its US-working title sounds kinda thrashy. When you hear Star Beast you think of Star Crystal - a movie that really blows.)

The Black Hole (Gary Nelson, 1979)
A.k.a. Space Station One (This working title is good. We'd really like to make a movie called Space Station One.) The film itself, by the way, is cool.

1941 (Steven Spielberg, 1979)
A.k.a. The Night the Japs Attacked (Spielbergs working title for this "hilarious" comedy could probably not have saved this movie from neither kamikaze-reviews or bloodthirsty audiences.)

Beyond the Poseidon Adventure (Irwin Allen, 1979)
For some reason this one has no alternative title. This is probably because of the wellknown fact that every movie- title with words like "beyond" or "beneath" in it kicks butt. (Like Beyond the Valley of the Dolls and Beneath the Planet of the Apes)
If there should have been an alternative title our suggestions are:
Space Station One or Michael Caine Station One.

Week of Apr. 28. - May 4.
Avenging Charles Bronson Tagline- Week:
Paul Kersey, the Architect of buildings at day and revenge-killings at night.
The Worlds Angriest man, the Hardest Man of them all, the most Merciless and (we might add) most unlucky. All the Women in his life are slain by the scum of the Earth; rapists, killer- gangs, drugdealers and muggers. It’s all up to him to End the Madness. He’s the Ultimate Vigilante.
Between a period of twenty years Paul Kersey (portrayed by the Immortal Charles Bronson with several, at least two, angry/bitter facial expressions) worked day and night to kill as many criminal street- punks as possible. The films range from the classic to the insane to the sad and boring. The exact same thing can be said of the taglines that accompanies the films:

Death Wish (Winner, 1974)
Tagline: Vigilante, City Style -- Judge, Jury, and Executioner

Death Wish II (Winner, 1982)
Tagline: Bronson's Loose Again In Death Wish II

Death Wish 3 (Winner, 1985)
Tagline: He's Back to New York bringing Justice to the Streets...

Death Wish 4: The Crackdown (Thompson, 1987)
Tagline: This time it's War!

Death Wish V: The Face of Death (Goldstein, 1994)
Tagline: The Vigilante is Back...

Week 17
Films made by J.Lee Thompson during the Eighties NOT starring the ever-loving Bronson.

Week 18
Ed Neumeier

Week 19
All lines spoken by Kurt Russell in Tango & Cash.

Week 20
Kurt Russell dressed as "woman" in Tango & Cash.

Week 21
Brion James in Tango & Cash.

Week 22
The Norwegian subtitling of F.U.B.A.R. in Tango & Cash.

Week 23
Jack Palance walking the fine line between parody and villainy in Tango & Cash.

Week 24
Dennis Hopper in the Seventies.

Week 25
Don Simpson in the Nineties.

Week 26
HULK annual 5

Week 27

Week 28
Peter Sellers

Week 29
Bjørn Bjørnsen's 1981 book on how to make 8mm films containing the expression chok-zoom on page 29.
It's described as a fast zooming making the object on screen appear larger and closer to the audience.
Now we know what to do in our upcoming projects I guess. Chok-zoom all the way through like there's no tomorrow. Bjørnsen - you are in our good book.

Week 30
Films not using chok-zoom as an artistic method.
Sadly this excludes our all-time favorite THE OMEGA MAN.

Week 31
Elvis drinking bare Vodka backstage before performing in Las Vegas in 1970.

Week 32

Week 33
The Star Trek original series episode were the crew of the Enterprise encounter Sam Kirk, the brother of Jim Kirk. William Shatner in mustache - an absurd delight not for the faint at heart.

Week 34
Tom Atkins - one of HomeMade Productions definitive favorite actors. His most definitive works include:
NIGHT OF THE CREEPS (Zombies and aliens in Eighties classic.)
HALLOWEEN 3 - SEASON OF THE WITCH (Robots and deadly masks in Eighties classic.)
JOHN CARPENTER'S THE FOG (Pirate-ghosts and fog in Eighties classic.)

Week 35
Bill Bixby

Week 36

Week 37

Week 38

Week 39

Week 40

Week 41

Week 42

Week 43

Week 44

Week 45

Week 46

Week 47

Week 48
Lorne Greene

Week 49
The Coca cola spot with the grandfather and the little kid.

Week 50
The Coca cola spot were polar bears are drinking.

Week 51
Michael Caine as Ebenezer Scrooge.

Week 52
Winter Games on Commodore 64.